School Council Review 2014-15

In 2014/15 our School Council chose to support the RNLI. To raise money for this charity, they organised collections at the schools different Christmas productions. This raised a total of £395.55 for the charity. This is a brilliant amount of money, thank you!

The School Council also sold daffodils to raise money for the cancer charity Marie Curie. They organised the daffodil bulbs into packs and supported their class teacher and teaching assistants to sell the bulbs. This raised a total of £90 for the charity.

The children of the School Council also wanted to organise another cinema night. They decided to have smaller events for each class rather than having all of the children together. The aim was to raise money towards buying a new rainbow coloured bench for the playground. The cinema nights have so far raised a total of £122.50 towards this project.

The School Council would like to thank everyone for their support and kind donations this year.