Australia Week

All of the children at Suffield Park Infant School have been finding out about Australia. The children have been finding about the continent of Australia with its diverse range of animal, plants and birds.

In our reception classes the children discovered that the great white shark has thousands of teeth and that there are also unusual animals called marsupials. Many of the children were surprised to find out that the Koala is not a bear. The children enjoyed learning about the Great Barrier Reef and saw videos of this on the ipad.

In Year 1 the children also discovered that Australia has many native animals, some of which are famous such as Koalas and Kangaroos. It is also the home of 800 species of birds which includes the emu. One year child said ‘I know it can’t fly but it can run quickly’.

In all years the children have seen how diverse Australia is and the meaning of the word ‘outback’. One child said ‘I don’t like snakes as Australia have 21 out of 25 deadliest snakes and we only have one’.

As part of Australia week we had a visit from a dance teacher who helped children explore rhythms and dances. Our story teller told tales to all year groups about folk tales and made the stories come alive with authentic musical instrument, which the children loved to explore.

As part of Australia week we prepared a box of artefacts which reflected life in England and we sent it to a Brooke Primary school Sydney, Australia. We were very excited to receive a box back, which had lots of different things in it which included a didgeridoo, a flag, pictures of the animals we had studied, a timetable of the school and a boomerang.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable week and we will continue our conversations with Brooke Primary school. The children have learnt a lot about the Australian continent. It has been a valuable learning experience which has supported many of the areas of the National Curriculum.

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