Playground Projects – Keeping active at playtimes!

The School Council have had several meetings regarding new playground equipment to encourage children to be more active at playtime.

The school council members asked the children in their class, to choose some new playground equipment that would help them to be active at playtimes. This was then discussed at one of the school council meetings and some of the suggested equipment was ordered using the PE Premium Funding.

This was shared in a whole school assembly.


Enjoying an active playtime!

We have employed a sports co-ordinator at lunchtimes to encourage children to be active, creative and enjoy traditional playground games.

This has been funded out of our PE grant and has improved the quality of lunchtimes for those children who wish to become involved.

Cross Country Photos




Red Class PE Café

More photos of our fun Year One PE Learning Cafes

Harvey the Healthy Hedgehog – Mr Neenan and Silver Class

Healthy Hedgehogs!



We are Suffield Park Infant School’s Healthy Hedgehogs! We are very cuddly and friendly and love being healthy e.g. running about, dancing, walking, playing football etc. as well as eating healthy meals and snacks. Enjoy looking at the fun, healthy activities we have been up to with the healthy and active children and families at our school.


The Healthy Hedgehogs

Being in good physical health, is not just eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise, but also feeling loved, trusted, understood, valued and safe. A healthy hedgehog is a cuddly friend, who the children can talk to and have a cuddle with.

Year 1 PE Learning Cafes

Families were invited to come and see their children actively engaged in their PE lesson. Our fantastic Year One teachers and sport coach Mr Upton, lead a fun morning of simple games to help with co-ordination, balance and stamina.

“It was great to see the children so enthusiastically involved in their physical activities. Their co-ordination in Speed Stacking was excellent,” said Derek Smeda (PE Governor).

Everyone made a healthy fruit kebab and enjoyed a healthy fruit drink. Well done to the Year One children, Mr Upton and Year One teachers.

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