Year’s Events

After School Street Dance Performance

Christmas Plays 2015

The children of Suffield Park Infant and Nursery School have had a fantastic time performing their Christmas plays. The three Reception Classes performed their Christmas play called Happy Birthday Jesus. This simple retelling of the First Christmas gave all of the children the chance to learn and perform songs. The children enjoyed entertaining their parents and carers. “It was lovely to see all the children looking so happy, it brought a tear to my eye” said one parent. The Year One children worked collaboratively to perform their play called Shine Star Shine. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children who had a brilliant time working with other children and adults from different classes. The Year Two classes performed their Christmas play entitled A Miracle in Town. This was a lovely way of retelling the Nativity Story using modern songs.

“We are so proud of all of our children at Suffield Park Infant School and the effort they have put into their Christmas Productions.”
Mrs J Bradford, Head Teacher.