Cake Decorating Competition

To celebrate the Royal Wedding four children from KS1 were chosen to design and decorate a cake fit for a Prince!

The children each created a design; listing any ingredients they might need. When they worked with Mandy from the Kitchen they then needed to combine their designs onto one cake. It was such an exciting opportunity for the children to have a real life experience working with our school kitchen.

“It looks so good!” said Diorland.

“It’s very pretty.” Scarlett said admiring the cake. “I think Harry and Megan would like it.”

“Can you tell them they can make a little cake for us? Kayden asked, suggesting they could save us a slice of their wedding cake. “Cos we’re the ones that made it.”

“It’s so nice! I wanna eat it!” Mitchell said, wide eyed. “It’s not healthy, but it does have healthy things on it.” he added.

“Yeah if we had it every day, like every time, we’d have to brush our teeth a lot!” Scarlett advised.

“The cherries are super sticky! It got all over my hands!” Diorland laughed.

Although the final cake wasn’t sent to Harry and Meghan, instead it was shared and enjoyed in school as part of the celebrations.

The final photos were sent to Norse, our School Kitchen Management to be entered into the competition.

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