Attendance Assembly and Celebrating

Every Friday afternoon one of our school Teachers leads an attendance assembly. This celebrates the attendance of each class and is used to incentivise good attendance.

Our attendance bears named Simmy and Louie are presented to the class with the highest attendance and the class helper that day can dress them in their class jumpers. Simmy and Louie get to stay with the class for the entire week and get to join in with class activities and have lots of fun with the children.

At the end of each half term children that have attained 100% attendance will be celebrated and awarded with a special attendance certificate.


Norfolk’s average attendance figure is at 95%.

100% Well Done! Each child that reaches this at the end of the half term will receive a special attendance certificate.
100% - 96% If your child has an attendance of 96% or above then congratulations! We would like to recognise and acknowledge all the efforts made to ensure that your child attends school regularly.
95% - 90% If your child’s attendance falls between 90%-95% then their attendance will be monitored and we hope to see an improvement next half term.
Below 90% If your child's attendance falls below 90% then their attendance is of concern. This will be very closely monitored and again, we hope to see an improvement next half term.

Good attendance is linked to academic achievement, better relationships with other children and better overall behaviour in school.  There is sometimes a perception that an attendance rate of 90% is good; this is because an examination score of 90% means excellence.  However, as an attendance rate, 90% is concerning, as it equates to missing 20 days in a year.

Attendance reports will be going home every half term. If your child requires time off for medical appointments please ensure that we have any relevant doctor’s notes and appointment details and please ring the school on your child's first day of absence before 8.55am. Following Local Authority guidance term-time holidays will not be authorised.

If there are any particular circumstances that the school may not be aware of which are having an influence on your child attending school regularly, please do not hesitate to contact us.