British Values

At Suffield Park Nursery and Infant School we discuss British Values through class discussion.  Children’s ideas are shared on our British Values display board in our foyer.

We have also achieved ‘International Schools Award’ which continues to give our children an opportunity to recognise themselves as British Citizens in a wider world through activities we undertake with our link school in Sydney.  We also investigate other cultures in our Multicultural Week which is celebrated annually.

Through our teaching and learning we actively promote the British Values of democracy, rule of Law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance.


We provide our children with the opportunity to vote for ideas and listen to each other’s opinions in classroom based activities and through School Council.  Children make decisions about issues such as who to raise money for, and how they would like to do this.  They also take wider school issues into the classroom to open up opportunities for meaningful discussion.

Rule of the Law

Our School has developed our own set of rules which we call our ‘Golden Rules’.  Children know that following the Golden Rules provides them with an opportunity to be recognised on a reward symbol in class (such as a star).  We also guide children to talk together to explain their feelings in order to resolve issues.

Individual liberty

Children celebrate their achievements in and out of school in our Friday Reward Assembly.

Every day each class has a ‘Special Person’ where every child takes their turn to be recognised by their teachers and peers for their own individual merits.  We also provide our children with an opportunity to talk about why they feel they are special.  This information is given to parents so can enjoy this moment with their child at home.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs

Our School Assemblies recognise Saints Days and celebrations from other religions and cultures e.g. Chinese New Year.  We provide our children with opportunities to investigate different faiths in their R.E lessons and plan their own learning through an enquiry based approach.

Our classrooms contain books that recognise the multicultural world in which we live.