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Sewing in Year Two

Six reasons to teach sewing in school

  1. It grows confidence.

Completing a sewing project from start to finish fosters a sense of accomplishment, which helps boost self-confidence.

  1. It’s a great stress reliever.

We live in such a fast-paced world and we all need those down moments. While sewing, your mind is completely involved in your project and your concentration is focused on your stitches, clearing your mind from any stress.

  1. It encourages creativity.

Learning to sew increases children’s ability to draw on their creativity. Children are able to express their creative side.

  1. It builds patience and perseverance.

When children first pick up a needle and thread, they often run into obstacles. However despite difficulties, children have to stay patient and work through those challenges. In the end, it’s worth it when they see what they have accomplished.

  1. It develops problem-solving skills.

Beginners at sewing are bound to make mistakes. Sewing promotes independent problem-solving. Children learn to look at a stitch gone awry or a misplaced pattern and determine the path forward.


  1. It promotes a lifelong skill.

Think about it. We all have a time where we need something stitched up or a button sewn back on. Being able to sew equips children with a lifetime skill that they will be glad to have.

The year two children have thoroughly enjoyed their sewing sessions with grandparent helper Penny. This is what they said about sewing.

I like sewing with Penny because it is fun,” said Maisie.

Sewing is really good fun, you get to cross stitch,” said Erikas.

I always want to do sewing, I always ask Penny if I can have a go,” said Bethan.

My grandma knitted a pillow, that’s what I would like to do,” said Alfie.

I like making zigzags, I get to choose my favourite colours pink and gold,” said Hamil.

Thank you Penny for all of the hours you have put into helping our children with their sewing projects!

A day out on Cromer beach to celebrate the National Blue Flag Award!

Year one children attended the Blue Flag Event on Cromer beach to celebrate Cromer’s Blue Flag Award. This national award was presented to Cromer in recognition of having one of the highest qualities of water with superb levels of cleanliness as well as beach safety.

We are proud to have one of the safest and cleanest beaches in the country!

The children worked together in teams to take part in a sandcastle competition. They all did an amazing job. The staff were really impressed with the children’s co-operation skills and willingness to share each other’s ideas.

Gardening Club

During the Summer Term Year 1 children participated in Gardening Club. Working with Homebase Cromer we overhauled two beds and made a fantastic difference. Thanks for your help children.

Week 1

Clearing, weeding and deadheading

Week 2

More weeding and preparing the soil

Week 3

Planting sunflower seeds indoors

Week 4

Planting wallflowers and sweet peas

Week 5

Adding canes for the sweet peas, laying weed matting and shingle, planting daisies, shrubs and fuscias

The finished results!

Cake Decorating Competition

To celebrate the Royal Wedding four children from KS1 were chosen to design and decorate a cake fit for a Prince!

The children each created a design; listing any ingredients they might need. When they worked with Mandy from the Kitchen they then needed to combine their designs onto one cake. It was such an exciting opportunity for the children to have a real life experience working with our school kitchen.

“It looks so good!” said Diorland.

“It’s very pretty.” Scarlett said admiring the cake. “I think Harry and Megan would like it.”

“Can you tell them they can make a little cake for us? Kayden asked, suggesting they could save us a slice of their wedding cake. “Cos we’re the ones that made it.”

“It’s so nice! I wanna eat it!” Mitchell said, wide eyed. “It’s not healthy, but it does have healthy things on it.” he added.

“Yeah if we had it every day, like every time, we’d have to brush our teeth a lot!” Scarlett advised.

“The cherries are super sticky! It got all over my hands!” Diorland laughed.

Although the final cake wasn’t sent to Harry and Meghan, instead it was shared and enjoyed in school as part of the celebrations.

The final photos were sent to Norse, our School Kitchen Management to be entered into the competition.

Reading Club

Parkour Club