Curriculum Intent

Intent Statement

At Suffield Park we believe that children can become lifelong learners through an all-inclusive curriculumthat is inspiring, collaborative and progressive.

We offer a unique educational experience through our passionate teaching, stimulating and creative learning opportunities and an environment that promotes our local seaside town. With a nurturing ethos at our heart,  we recognise that children’s development relies on positive relationships with families, school and the community.

We aspire to give our children the determination and skills to be the best they can be. We ensure that all children know how to lead healthy lifestyles so they can be both physically and mentally well and fully engaged in their community and the wider world.

We want our children to develop their communication and language abilities so they can fully involve themselves in their learning. At every opportunity we encourage all children to love reading for pleasure. We are unwavering in our ambition to ensure that all children have equal opportunities in the curriculum to gain the knowledge needed for their future learning.

We want to allow our children to explore, investigate, and fully embed their learning.

Crabby the Cromer Crab says Suffield Park children are: