We are a power of reading school.  CLPE (Centre for Literacy in primary Education) runs Power of Reading, a successful training programme, which has supported thousands of schools in raising engagement and attainment in reading and writing for all children. We plan our teaching around the core texts chosen and these are the basis for our Literacy teaching and learning. We then have a whole school literacy book plan linked to these books, which ensures children have access to a variety of texts, both fiction and non-fiction.

Power of Reading core texts 2021-22

N1Biscuit Bear A Great Big Cuddle  The Train Ride Beware of the CrocodilesAaaargh Spider What the Ladybird Heard  
N2Here’s a little poem The Gigantic TurnipAstro Girl Surprising SharksBilly’s Bucket On a Sudden Hill
RThe Bog Baby Naughty BusBlue Penguin Tanka Tanka Skunk/PoetryYucky Worms Ruby’s Worry
1Beegu WildHalibut Jackson 10 things..Where the Wild Things Are Man on The Moon
2Leaf Claude Poetry (2 weeks)Traction man One Day on Blue PlanetGregory Cool