Tri-Golf Cluster Competition

Year Two children enjoyed taking part in a Tri-Golf cluster competition, hitting the target with their first golf shots! The children demonstrated both individual and team success. Mrs Miles was impressed with the children’s excellent sportsmanship and concentration. It was very competitive as well as good fun!

Speed Stacking

Year One children have been enjoying speed stacking, building on their hand and eye co-ordination whilst having lots of fun.

Well done to Mollie in Red Class and Andre in Indigo Class who hold the quickest time record so far!

Playground Leaders


The Year Two Playground Leaders have been doing a great job at using their communication skills and leadership skills to help children enjoy playtimes and be more active!

Year Two Parkour Club

Year Two children have been enjoying using the apparatus to keep active during the after school Parkour club. The children have been eager to learn new techniques whilst using the apparatus, including jumping & landing, rolling, vaulting and climbing.  The practice of such skills is about training the body as well as the mind. The children have learnt the importance of self-belief and trusting their own ability in order to progress.

Year One Fun Fitness Club

Year One children have been enjoying keeping active after school during the after school fun fitness club. Not only have the children improved their running technique and overall stamina but they have also been learning about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle!

Cricket Skills

Key Stage One children have been enjoying practising their throwing & catching skills and batting skills with cricket coach Peter. The children’s co-ordination has improved each week, alongside their understanding of team tactics.

Suffield Park Infant and Nursery School celebrate after receiving the highest national award available in PE!

Suffield Park Infant and Nursery School have been celebrating their recent success of being awarded a National Quality Mark for Physical Education & Sport with distinction.

Rachel Miles, Leader of PE and Sport said: “All of the staff in our school have been involved in achieving this award. It has been a worthwhile journey as it has made us reflect on what we do in the school and we now provide a quality delivery of Physical Education and Sport, with highly qualified staff. The award is an ongoing process and we will be reassessed in three years’ time. We have very enthusiastic, committed members of staff who are competent and passionate teachers of PE. As a result of this, children are well motivated and are enthusiastic about taking part in PE. Children respond positively about their PE lessons and extra-curricular activities”.

Primary PE and Sport Premium Funding has been well spent with the up skilling of all staff, free after school sport related clubs run by staff and qualified sport coaches, new PE equipment and extra-curricular activities e.g. PE Learning Cafes, Healthy Hedgehog home/school initiative and employing a Playground Leader to increase participation of all children in regular physical activity.

The school’s headteacher, Jackie Bradford, added: “This prestigious award – at ‘Distinction’ level – is the result of consistently outstanding teamwork at Suffield Park Infant and Nursery School and beyond over many years. We believe in the importance physical education and school sport plays as part of our broad and balanced curriculum that helps develop the whole child. It also contributes to healthy and active lifestyles, improves emotional well-being, and develops confidence and social skills.”

After spending a day validating PE and Sport at Suffield Park Infants, Mike Crichton (Chair of Association for Physical Education) made reference to the attitude and happiness of the children towards PE as refreshing, positive and great to see. All credit to the staff and parents for encouraging their children to get active!

Suffield Park Infant and Nursery school now proudly displays its high quality mark PE glass trophy, along with a copy of their certificate in the school foyer.


PE Vision


Playground Projects – Keeping active at playtimes!

The School Council have had several meetings regarding new playground equipment to encourage children to be more active at playtime.

The school council members asked the children in their class, to choose some new playground equipment that would help them to be active at playtimes. This was then discussed at one of the school council meetings and some of the suggested equipment was ordered using the PE Premium Funding.

This was shared in a whole school assembly.


Enjoying an active playtime!

We have employed a sports co-ordinator at lunchtimes to encourage children to be active, creative and enjoy traditional playground games.

This has been funded out of our PE grant and has improved the quality of lunchtimes for those children who wish to become involved.

Cross Country Photos




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